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About Us

In 2019, our founder Samantha merged her love of candle making with her concern for the environment.  She used recycled used cans and jars to give them new life as candles infused with the most amazing scents.  Each jar and can is custom made into a candle, which means that each candle is unique.  And thus Refurbished Flame was born.

While we take a bite out of landfills one jar and can at a time, our ultimate goal is to eventually leverage our sales to also do more good in the world.  For now, we'll focus on keeping these jars and cans out of the landfills.

Once we're scaled up, we also plan to put a recycled candle program in place so that our customers can send back their candles to give them another life and keep them out of the garbage.


We transform "trash" into delightful scented candles made from 100% soy wax and infused with unique fragrance oils

Collect Containers

We identify the best vessels that will make the best candles and save them from the landfill

Upcycle Jars & Cans

The jars and cans are upcycled to fit seamlessly into any home’s decor

Create Naturally Scented Candles

100% soy wax is mixed with unique fragrance oils to create the most delightful scents